What is the difference in the cost between burial and cremation?

Both burial and cremation have many options as follows:

Burial: With burial you have the cost of embalming,  a casket, burial vault (most all cemeteries require this) a plot and a headstone (veterans get a free plot and headstone). Embalming is an option-- if you have a direct burial it is not necessary to embalm--if you have a public service with a viewing  then the need to be embalmed is evident. You would have basic service fee plus fees for a funeral service whether it be at The Gardens or a church , a removal charge, a dressing, casketing charge, coach charge to move casket to cemetery, memorial folders and register books are extra also.

Cremation: You can do a direct cremation , which is no viewing no service. You can do a service where there would be embalming, viewing, service, then do cremation. You can do a Memorial or Celebration of Life Service, be at the church of choice or The Gardens. You would have a removal charge, basic service fees plus any charge for a memorial service, memorial folders and register book and if you choose a urn. (The cremains are in a temporary urn unless you choose different).

The difference  of course is choice----- most funerals will cost you between $4000.00 and up----cremation will be $1100.00 and up. These are just approximate costs as each family is different in what they choose. Example: casket-cemtery- flowers.

You will have charges that are on every death---- removal fee -death certificates.