Whether death is natural or sudden, by suicide, or a disease – the death of a grandparent, a parent, a sibling, a baby or other loved one can be difficult to cope with.

The Gardens Funeral Home has many pamphlets, books, and videos available for families dealing with grief. There are also several books available for parents to read to their children explaining what happens in death as well as books and videos that will assist families to understand their needs in planning funeral services. Some of these books and videos are available to be loaned out. Most pamphlets are free.

Grief Sessions can be arranged by calling the Funeral Home.

Recommended Books

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What’s Heaven, by Maria Shriver Review

Borne from actual questions asked by her own daughters, journalist Maria Shriver’s “What’s Heaven?” is a gentle narrative following the conversations that pass between a mother and a young daughter in the days immediately following the death of the child’s special great-grandmother. Initially, young Kate’s concern is with the obvious change in her mother. Quickly, one question leads to another…

  • Am I Still a Sister?
  • Kids Cope With Death Coloring Book Series
  • Teen Grief: When a Friend of Someone You Love has Died
  • Death From a Child’s View
  • The Loss of an Infant
  • Loss of a Child
  • Loss from Suicide
  • Loss from Aids
  • After Loss – A Recover Companion for Those Who Are Grieving
  • The Losing Blues
  • Planning a Celebration of a Loved Ones Life